Improves Collaboration, speed, and accuracy for your Construction project

Register & start working for free

Cloudboq needs no software purchases, installations, downloads or upfront setup payments. It is as easy as simply registering and starting off on the free trial/Freemium version. You need to Activate to Paid Versions only if you are fully satisfied that it meets your requirements. Subscription can choose to pay projectwise, or accountwise based on their takeoff need each month.

Free & affordable monthly subscription

After the one month trial, user has to activate the account paying the the one time setup/activatation fee. After this, "Standard"subscription plans can be chosen upgrading each specific project created. Full feature "Professional Plan" subscription is subscribed by firms/users who need to access all their projects with full software features.

Easy to learn & user interface

The Interface is designed in such a way that students and first time software & cloud technology users, instantly get familiarised with the procedure as soon as they start using it . Help text balloons, and worked out examples in the Help section, guide the user to learn and enter their data easily, and on the Job itself.

Adapt professional BOQ templates for quick setups

We understand the difficulty of non experts to create an “Items of work (IOW)” listing which is the basis for any estimates. We will be creating & listing generalised Country specific BOQ templates from which the Users can review & select downloadable templates that reasonably can be adapted to their specific project. The downloaded template can be suitably modified, by editing, adding or deleting “IOW” details to conform to each user’s project needs.

Only basic Estimation Knowledge needed

Though basic engineering estimation knowledge is desirable, the product is also meant to educate and empower millions of non technical users who are engaged in designing, construction & contracting, to create professional estimates on their own. Non technical Owners of construction projects can also get their estimates done or reviewed thru professionals they give collaborating access.

Small contractors quote format

Many small contractors engaged in small scale work assignments & labor contracts, can use and reuse their quotation templates for repeatedly generating professional looking & scientifically derived Quotations.

Share and Collaborate

Each project can be shared with other collaborators like, designers, consultants, owners, estimators etc for better visibility, error detection, and conformation. Users can send e-invites to a probable collaborator for collaborating on his estimate/BOQ production.

PDF Based On Screen TakeOff

Cloudboq negates the need to use expensive CAD packages for quantity takeoff. All that is needed is to upload the pdf image of the 2d drawing. User can then perform onscreen digital takeoff, which in turn can also help in effortless & repeated updating, reviewing or cross audited by any third collaborator for measurement errors.

Analyse rates

cloudboq's Rate Analysis feature helps to arrive at a price for single or composite items. Users, once they create a customized analysed price format, can save it as a template, so to be reused again.

In-App Support & Takeoff Assistance

Cloudboq negates the need to use expensive CAD packages for quantity takeoff. All that is needed is to upload the pdf image of the 2d drawing. User can then perform onscreen digital takeoff, which in turn can also help in effortless & repeated updating, reviewing or cross audited by any third collaborator for measurement errors.

Customise to preferences

Users can customize item of work, group heads and sub heads that are different from the inbuilt classification list. Users can also create their own library of materials and components they use for price derivation, and rate analysis

Plan Revision

Seasoned conventional estimators know the difficulty in revising quantities. In the event of a plan revision, valuable time is lost in some cases, having to re-estimate the whole project again, especially when these changes affect multiple floors. cloudboq facilities easy revision of plans by enabling overlay and replacement of old drawings with the revised one, and then correcting only the takeoff measurements that needs the revision.

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Our Architectural Estimating Software is built for smoother construction costing projections, any one working in the industry knows that having an estimate is important when it comes to construction, the clients want one, the banks and the finance institutes want one, the third party suppliers want one and the company handling the construction also wants one and this where our Quantity surveying software can help you. If you or anyone whom you know works in any aspect of building or construction of properties on any scale, they will tell you that an accurate forecast regarding the financial aspects are crucial for planning about the progress of the project. In any meeting regarding the project, the first issue mentioned is if the project is over or under the budget as of now. The cost will define many things associated with the project, client deadlines, third party billing, invoice raising dates and more. So using Cloudboq’s Online construction estimator for freelancers will give you the best estimate for you to get started.

With our Cloudboq architectural build estimate, you'll be able to provide fast, accurate costing to all your clients with the complexities of design taken into considerations while generating the estimate for you with our Online estimation software for construction in India. Our way of generating a construction estimate allows individuals to get an idea of how much they would be spending on long term investment and contractors to be fast and save time and be at table at every contract with solid numbers of their clients. Having access to a tool like ours has only advantages and even if there are changes to plans and drawing it's not like we will be charging extra for it.

You are not using an Architectural Estimating Software made by amateurs as well, we are a company with experience over 15 years in the construction industry and are consummate Virtual estimating consulting professionals. We have developed many IT solutions like our Online construction estimation software specifically catering to the needs of the construction sector.

As mentioned, we have immense experience in IT as well as in the construction industry. Our Architectural Estimating Software comes with accuracy and excellence due to our constant innovations in the sector. We do not limit our experience to who can pay as well, we wish to empower everyone from a freelance builder to Architectural Estimating Software professionals in India to use our Online estimation software for construction. From future homeowners to builders to students studying architecture we want everyone to use our Online estimation software for construction. We have been perfecting our technology to get best and accurate cost estimates as possible. Our calculations and algorithms powering how the estimates are generated is the result of our experience and expertise in the industry. As far as the accuracy and dependability of the number is concerned, it is backed up by our commitment to quality both in terms of activities in construction and technology, rest assured you can be at peace with our estimate number from our Architectural Estimating Software.

There is also a free version of Cloudboq for those who are unsure about our Online estimation software for construction in India. Which you can use to find out all about our Architectural Estimating Software, for those who want the best of the best without any compromises, there is also a pro-version of our Architectural Estimating Software. You don't need to be an expert of architecture to use and understand the result from our Online estimation software for construction either, some idea of engineering estimate will be an added advantage but it's not necessary. The entire idea of our Online estimation software for construction is to empower and enlighten the users about the estimation of architecture projects with our Online estimation software for construction in India, the Architectural Estimating Software is designed to intuitive for the user to understand the nuances of architecture estimate. If some user who wants a second opinion about the estimate from our Online estimation software for construction can always approach an expert from our company and someone from the outside as well.

One doubt some of our users might have is about the prices of composite items, if the prices are up to date and all. We can assure you that our Online estimation software for construction is up to date all the time. Feel free to contact our support with all your queries, we have in house experts to answer all your questions and more. We have all our confidence in our Architectural Estimating Software in India when it comes to results.